Great People Doing Great Work

A career at TurnKey Roofing of Texas is not your average roofing job. At TurnKey, we hold our employees to the highest standards, provide fair compensation and benefits and maintain working relationships with all of our staff.

The roofing and other serviced-based industries commonly hire day laborers and unskilled or untrained workers, which ultimately impacts the services provided and final product. To ensure quality work for all of our residential and commercial customers, we seek full-time employees who are skilled, work efficiently and give 100 percent to every project or task they are given.

3 workers on a roof
Rewarding Career Opportunities

Regardless of the position you are applying for, TurnKey Roofing is looking to employ hardworking and dedicated individuals who are eager to learn about the industry, provide quality work and are passionate about the customers they serve.

  • Roof Installers

    Working as a roof installer you will be responsible for the physical installation of both commercial and residential roofs. This job is physically demanding, yet rewarding. TurnKey Roofing of Texas seeks to higher installers as full-time staff, not day laborers. For installer positions, we look for those who are thorough and efficient, as we want to maintain our reputation of exceptional work.

  • Sales Team Members

    On our sales team you will be responsible for selling our services to both residential houses and commercial customers. As TurnKey Roofing of Texas continues to expand in the Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio markets, so does our sales team. For sales, we look for highly-skilled individuals with a background in sales.

  • Office Staff

    Working on our office staff you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. From managing customer relations to conducting inventory, office positions ensure daily procedures and the company operate smoothly and efficiently. For office staff, we look for individuals with strong organizational and leadership skills.

Have a project for us?

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you assess your residential property and roof and assist you during the entire process.