Responding to Severe Storm Damage

For those in Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas, we often see damage due to storms or unforeseen circumstances, leaving customers with severely damaged properties.

As you may be aware, we have experienced some rare and severe storms that have left marks on your community. With the potential for hail, high winds, debris and fallen trees, we are sensitive to those impacted by severe weather and tropical storms. That is why, with your best interest at heart, we have a dedicated “Emergency Response Division.”

Our storm team is on call to assist customers and local residents with storm damage and repair as well as emergency response to stabilize your structure and prevent any further damage, until we can fully assess your roof, assist with insurance claims and begin repairs. It is important to know that with severe weather, especially tropical storms and hurricanes, many clean up and roofing crews take days or even weeks to meet with you and assess your storm damage. In the meantime, you are left to patch or place a tarp over the damage.

Storm Alert Division

TurnKey Roofing’s Storm Alert Division aims to reduce any unnecessary or extra damage that could occur and ease the your mind as the homeowner that your property is being taken care of.

Our team is able to come out (once it is safe), assess your damage, patch or tarp any holes to prevent further issues such as water damage and provide you with a time estimate on getting the repair process started.

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You are not alone after a severe storm or unexpected emergency occurs. We have assisted customers through storms such as Hurricane Harvey as well as sudden hail and high winds from summer thunderstorms.

If your home (or business) has been impacted by a storm or natural disaster, call our “Emergency Response Division” to mitigate damage during or immediately after any catastrophic event.