GREEN Roofing Options

At TurnKey Roofing of Texas we are committed to helping the environment as much as possible. We are proud to provide and offer certified GREEN products to our qualifying residential and commercial customers.

Certified GREEN products help significantly reduce the environmental impact and waste that traditional materials produce as well as provide property owners with cost-saving benefits.

One of the most popular GREEN roofing products is solar panels. Solar roof panels use the sunlight to generate energy such as electricity and heating for your house or commercial property. Solar panels can save the property owner money through tax deductions and lower electric bills, all while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Metal Roofs & Recycled Shingles

Along with solar panels, TurnKey Roofing is proud to offer a variety of metal roofs. Metal roofs are usually made from recycled materials and are both beneficial to the property owner and the environment. Metal roofs are longer lasting, fire resistant, and ideal for various weather conditions such as heavy rain or hail.

Other available GREEN products include recycled shingles and wood shingles. Shingles made from recycled plastic, rubber or wood fiber help reduce waste in landfills and reduce pollution. Recycled shingles are very durable and some can even lower your insurance rates due to fire ratings. Recycled shingles and products are a great option to consider when deciding the materials of a new residential or commercial roof. If recycled shingles are not feasible for you, wood shingles are available, are durable and usually last about 15-20 years.

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At TurnKey, we, along with our suppliers, want to help our residential and commercial customers save money while receiving quality products that support the environment. We are committed to the research and development of GREEN products and do our part by offering a variety of eco-friendly options and recycling your original roofing materials, when it is time to replace your roof.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you assess your residential property and roof and recommend the best roofing products for your needs.